That Legal Business

Hi again, folks.  The KaZoos are writing this blog as a documentation of their journey and realize that others may follow along for the ride, periodically check-in, or stumble haplessly upon our blog.  We are just people writing this for sheer joy but realize that there are legal necessities to keep in mind when sharing your life with other people.  Here’s our disclaimer:

This blog is written by humans and is thus subject to the limitations of humankind and our world.  We are not experts and are simply trying to share things that have worked for us or things we have enjoyed doing in case others may find them helpful or interesting.  As such, we have mishaps and make mistakes, so our blog does not provide error-proof content but rather documentation of what we have done, mistakes and all.  When doing anything (whether related or unrelated to our blog content), we recommend seeking professional advice, conducting thorough research, and taking any other forms of available precautions.  We intend no harm to others and cannot be held responsible for others’ safety and the outcome of their undertakings.   Likewise, we cannot be held responsible for the accuracy and validity of our blog; we cannot be held responsible for errors, mistakes, or changes in the content, information, sources and links provided on this weblog, as all of these are subject to change over time for better or worse.  We cannot be held responsible for translation and interpretation of content, including any grammatical/spelling/typographical mistakes that may alter the intent of content. We reserve the right to remove, replace, or move content without prior announcement.  All content is the opinion of the bloggers and is not intended to malign any individual, group, anyone, or anything.  We are not responsible for groups or organizations we may seem to represent.    We cannot be held liable for what we say and display.  Photos on this weblog that are not ours will be credited to the original source and are believed to be in the public domain and readily available on the internet, published according to the U.S. Copyright Fair Use Act, title 17, U. S. Code.   Photos that are not credited to an outside source are photos that we have taken.  Please credit us or link back to our weblog if you use them; failure to do so is a copyright violation.  Please contact us for permission if you wish to use multiple photos and/or content from our site.  We reserve the right to remove comments that we deem malicious,  inappropriate, offensive, or distracting from this site; likewise, we reserve the right to block repeat offenders of this comment policy from future commenting.  Comments are manually approved, so it may take time for your comment to appear.  Occasionally our spam filter will block perfectly decent comments, but we also reserve the right to remove spammy comments. We cannot be held responsible or liable for others’ comments nor for any laws they make break in any country or jurisdiction for their comments’ content, implication, and intent.  We cannot be held responsible for defamatory statements bound to laws, restrictions, and policies of our readers’ countries of origin.  We don’t sell or provide your information to outside parties.  There may be ads that show up on our site, thanks to our free use of WordPress.

We apologize for this necessary snoozefest.

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