Beach House Kitchen Ideas

Beach House Kitchen Ideas

Can Warm/Cool Coexist in Living Room?

Trying to decide which direction to take our living room…we have more things on the warmer side but would like to head towards the cooler side.  Our rug is a more muted coral than the one shown here, but it has to stay in the room, as do the sofa and ottoman.  Everything else can be shuffled around the house.  We like the warm colors for autumn but would like something cooler for other times.  I really love the blue/jade/gold direction, but we have more things in the coral/orange direction.  We aren’t really a fan of the high contrast blue and orange combo but are looking for either a very versatile plan or something that is a happy medium between hot hot hot and cold because this room is our main (and only) sitting/TV watching/game playing/book reading/exercising space (and we spend a lot of time here). Thoughts?
Can Warm/Cool Coexist in Living Room?

Emerald Coast MBR

The KaZoos have been rather busy, so please forgive our absence from the
blogosphere.  In the meanwhile, I’ve discovered a new site called Polyvore
that is great for fashion and home idea gathering, complete with links to
items and their respective sites for future purchasing.  Building a master
bedroom became my first board or “set” that I created using Polyvore.
Some of these things we already have or have something comparable
(the furniture and the bedding), and the other decorative accessories were
things I added for fun as if I were planning a master bedroom for a beach
home.  One can always dream, right?!  Check out
to learn more!Emerald Coast MBR

Glass base table lamp

Blue glass table lamp

Striped bedding

Yellow home decor

Blue accent pillow

Home decor

Cast iron home decor

Handmade home decor

Metal home decor

Yellow home decor
$23 –

Ceramic statue

Blue canning jar
$1.02 –

Storage desk


Distressed white furniture
$750 –

Farmhouse Bed