About Us

Hi, folks!

We’re Chris and Amy of KaZoo Party of Two, and we’re glad you stopped to visit our ‘Zoo!  Here’s a quick snapshot of who we are and what we aim to do with this blog:

Who: Chris and Amy Johnson.  Yes, ordinary people with ordinary names.  Names that become rather garbled over some restaurants’ shrill loudspeakers (Waah, waah, rrty of two, anyone?)and the din of hungry customers (think Cracker Barrel on the Wednesday before Thanksgiving).  Names that result in the waitress taking someone else who inadvertently or maliciously stole your reservation, leaving you waiting another 20 minutes for the next available table for two.  We now make reservations in “KaZoo Party of Two” because it is easy to hear, and after all, who’s going to pretend to be a family of kazoos in order to advance in the line? Only very desperate people, friends…very desperate indeed..or perhaps just incredibly famished people, who are, in fact, desperate.

When: We met in the summer of 2001 at freshman orientation at a large state university in the southeastern United States, started dating in the fall of 2002, and got married in June 2006. Amid all the romance, we did actually find time to attend class and graduate.  Chris is an aerospace engineer, and Amy, a former teacher, is a PhD student in education.  We’re the old married peeps in our friend circles, but no kids yet (hence KaZoo Party of Two)!  Instead, we have two needy felines, Cleopatra and Hermes. We parted with our beloved cat Poseidon just before Christmas 2014.

Where: After getting married, we moved from our home state of Tennessee to South Carolina and then to Florida, where we bought our first home.  Aside from painting, landscaping, and purchasing a functional dishwasher, we left the house as we found it, except generally more attractive.  We had all these ideas for upgrades, but once Amy decided to go back to school (Amy: Seriously, what was I thinking?!), we nixed those ideas and sold the house.  For four years, we divided our time between “the big city” and a small resort town–not because we can afford the city life and a beach home to boot (if only), but because Amy was attending school in the city and Chris still had his job near the small resort town.  Now we mostly operate from the seaside when not traveling for work, with Chris still working and Amy finishing up her dissertation and working part-time as a research assistant.

What: As you can imagine, we are fairly busy people, yet somehow we thought blogging would be a good idea, mainly because we realized that there were a lot of things we wanted to do to improve/simplify our life together and to share with friends and family far away.  We’re talking everything from learning to make strawberry jam and a king-size quilt (we like to start small, haha) to some serious DIY home fixes.  Until Amy finishes her three-paper dissertation, this blog will take a backseat to life, but unlike many DIY and design blogs, we want this blog to reflect reality, which is busy, unpredictable, and messy. We hope you’ll come back to visit us at the ‘Zoo, whether it is to laugh at our misfortune over accidentally combining two completely different recipes for jam (and being too afraid to try it yet!), cheer us on to victory over an intimidating sewing machine and vast swaths of material, or simply be inspired to simultaneously simplify and complicate your own lives like we’re doing. 🙂

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