Out of the Fly Trap and onto the Beach

Life at the beach means accepting the certainty that sand will find its way into every nook and cranny of your house.  Well, we’ve taken that to a whole new level:


We’ve brought the beach inside in a big way.  Yesterday, we were bemoaning the giant fly trap that was our house and preparing for a long war with the adhesive, armed with an angle grinder.  Today, we are dancing a jig (my inner Irish) on our new sandy floors.  We had seen someone on the web recommend using sand to mitigate the stickiness of vinyl adhesive, but we typically don’t take web-based advice that isn’t corroborated by someone else we know and trust.  Enter my dad.  When he saw the situation, he suggested the sand.  Fortunately, we had an extra bag in the garage from the front porch paver project we did last year, so without further ado, we spread the sand in the kitchen, the stickiest spot, as a test. SO. MUCH. BETTER.  Oh my goodness. We used a dustpan to distribute the sand and then worked the sand into the adhesive with our shoes  Then we used a push broom to move the sand to the next section of floor and repeated.  MIRACLE OF MIRACLES, FOLKS.  Now, does the sand remove the adhesive? No, but we can actually walk on it now, which means we can actually cook in our kitchen tonight and not have to wear work boots to the bathroom.  PROBLEM SOLVED.


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