KaZoo Anew

So those of you who have been reading our blog have probably wondered if we have been abducted by aliens or joined the ranks of all the people who had good intentions of starting a blog but ran out of ideas, energy, inspiration, and time.  Then, mysteriously, with no explanation, a post appeared last week.  A post of pictures and virtually no words.  No explanation for our long absence or our return.

Long story short? Bad. Things. Happen. October to March has been a rough season for us.  I haven’t made sufficient progress on my dissertation to finish before my funding runs out. Major burnout there, peeps, but try as I might, I can barely bring myself to look at my computer screen anymore.  Are there any jobs that don’t require the use of a computer? Sign me up.  So there’s that. Then Poseidon’s health went rapidly downhill (test results all came back negative), resulting in his untimely demise on December 23.  I asked for an autopsy after we had to let him go, and our vet found an inoperable, untreatable mass in his abdomen.  He was so gentle and loving and devoted, and we didn’t have time to prepare to say goodbye. The sea here has never looked so ugly and cold as it did that day as we drove to and from the vet. Not a very merry Christmas for us.  Even now, I can’t talk or write about it without tears streaming.  Cleopatra, our other cat, has been in mourning, too.  There were also a few bouts of serious sickness for each of us, resulting in multiple rounds of meds  multiple times for multiple infections for the more immune-compromised one (Mrs. KaZoo).  We went through two bargain club packs of Kleenex–some for sickness, others for mourning, and still others for depression.  It’s been a very melancholy fall/winter.

But spring has its way of reminding us that things can (and will) get brighter.  We got a new kitten, Hermes, and he has brought us joy in an otherwise bleak time.  We’ve also had some nice weather recently that has renewed our energy for life, DIY, and blogging. So here’s to KaZoo Anew.


4 thoughts on “KaZoo Anew

  1. Steve McRae says:

    I know Several people personally who have struggled at preparing and getting approval for their disertation. Please know you can do it. I know of your intelligence and will power. Gather up yourself and make it happen. I’m rooting for your success!!!

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