Missing October

Where has October gone, folks?!  October is one of my favorite months ever, but this year I feel it has snuck by rather quickly and uneventfully.  Nothing very productive around the house happening, thanks to some work related travel for both of us.  Not enough productivity on my dissertation either.  Ugh. I hoped Beastly Paper 1 (we have to write a three paper dissertation) would be complete by the end of summer, which turned into the end of September, and now the end of October is staring me in the face…kind of like the blank pages yet to be filled with substantive words. Funny how writing comes easily to me, with the exception of my dissertation.  Is this some sort of sign? I’m really tired of academic writing.  For so long I’ve honed my expository craft to the neglect of my youthful days of narrative and my teen years of poetry…but now, theoretical and empirical argumentation seems rather dull when there are characters whose stories need telling instead.

Anyway, in an attempt to savor the last bit of October, we KaZoos will be taking a break from the blogosphere.  Partly so I can finish Paper 1 aka the Beast.  Partly so we can spend some time together, given how we’ve been planes passing in the air the past few weeks.  We hope you all have a Happy Halloween or Light the Night or whatever you choose to celebrate at the end of October!


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