10 Ways You Know You are a Burgeoning DIYer

The KaZoos are busily working away on their October to do list, which has unfortunately been cut short due to unexpected work-related travel and sickness.  Meanwhile, here’s a little DIY humor.  How many describe you?

10.  Your driveway is full of cars (and the bane of the neighborhood HOA and all dog walkers who like to walk their dogs in the yards/driveways instead of along the sidewalk) because you can’t park in your garage.  Because the garage is full of materials and tools and furniture and extra decor and ____ (fill in the blank with your personal favorite).  If only you had a barn. Hmm…

9.  Your walls are a mosaic of paint swatches and empty frames. (But those were left empty on purpose, though, right?)  And lots of nail holes in various stages of patching and sanding.

8.  The decor on your mantle/dresser/buffet/console/coffee table consists of a level, measuring tape, drill, hammer, screwdriver, and pencil at any given time (except when taking photos for your blog). Maybe some pliers, too.  And a pumpkin or two thrown in for seasonal festiveness.  And to hide the tools from surprise guests.  Focus on the pumpkin.  Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain hammer.

7.  You have a Monica-closet or even a whole Monica-room where you are hiding everything from the room(s) currently under renovation.  Why else would you have bought that house with the extra bedroom, right?

6.    You are on a first-name basis with the crew at your local big box stores, hardware stores, your favorite paint store, etc. You know the Chevy Cruze commercial with Stan, the guy everyone knows when he walks into the gas station because he’s buying gas all the time? That’s you at Lowe’s. Except you’re not buying gas.  Just tools.  And painting supplies. And more tools.  And plants.  And tools. And painting supplies. And tools. 

5.  Scotch Blue or FrogTape Green currently function as accent colors in at least one room in your house. After all, you can leave FrogTape up for like a month before actually getting around to painting, right?

4.  You have tripped over a paint can or the shop vac or _____ (fill in your personal favorite supply/tool) en route to the bathroom at night. And each time, you resolve to put it up the next day.  But the next day comes, and you say, why bother? I’ll just have to get it back out tomorrow. And then nighttime comes, and wham! You stub your toe again. Vicious cycle, isn’t it?

3.  You have a rapidly dwindling supply of NSAIDs in your medicine cabinet, or you’ve started selling doTERRA essential oils so that you have natural home remedies for those aches and pains plus a little extra income to put towards more projects! Cause #AintNobodyGotTimeToWaitAtTheERWhenThereIsWorkToBeDone #LongestHashtagsEver

2.  You take multiple showers a day or haven’t washed your hair/shaved in a week.  You know who you are…and which one is applicable. Hopefully the first. For everyone’s sake.

1.  You are accustomed to living on subfloors/slabs and without a functional kitchen or bath.  Maybe both.  In fact, it’s like you’re camping all the time.  Except less communing with nature.  And more communing with drywall dust. Lots of dust.

Seasonal Bonus: Your friends have complimented your “haunted house” interior decor for Halloween.  But those drop cloths stay there year-round. Shhh!



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