Sand & Kleen: Not So Keen

In Friday morning’s post last week, we shared about the Sand & Kleen system that we were super pumped about trying to eliminate (or at least reduce) the amount of drywall dust coating everything in our house post-sanding.  We do a lot of sanding (all small projects, though), so we thought it would be a good investment (mainly because it was on sale).  On Friday night, in anticipation of some weekend warrior sanding action, we started assembling the Sand & Kleen system (yes, super hot date night that was). We thought the system we bought from Amazon was a fairly safe bet, considering the number of favorable reviews, the simplicity of the system, and the inclusion of multiple adapters to connect the filter bucket to your shop vac for power in case the one that should have fit our shop vac didn’t for some reason.


Wrong.  None of the adapters (or any combination thereof) would fit our regular old shop vac (one of the sizes should have fit based on the measurements provided in the product description, but it appeared to be off measurement-wise by a smidge), so this system obviously wasn’t going to work.  We considered ordering a replacement in case we just had a set of defective parts, but we were skeptical that a replacement would be any different if the parts are made in lots.  Plus, the number of mistakes in the instruction/assembly manual did not leave us feeling very confident, my personal favorites being two mistaken substitutions of “now” with the word “not” that drastically affected the meaning of each sentence.  For example, after you complete all steps of the assembly process, the manual says, “You are not ready to use the Sand & Kleen.” What do you mean? I’ve assembled the whole thing, so how am I not ready to use it?!  Presumably, they meant to say, “You are now ready to use the Sand & Kleen,” but they didn’t.  Simple mistakes like that may not concern some people, but if you don’t have someone proofreading your instruction manual, how can we trust the product quality control either?

Bottom line, we disassembled the Sand & Kleen, boxed it back up, and dropped it off Saturday morning at the UPS store to send it back to Amazon.  We normally love Amazon, but there’s been a few purchases of late that have arrived in bad shape–damaged, dysfunctional, and/or not as advertised.  Our last order of Muir Glen organic tomato sauce came with over 2/3 of the cans dented so badly that we couldn’t use our can opener on them. Hopefully this is not a sign of things to come.

So our review of the Sand & Kleen? We can’t really review its functionality, but in terms of its promised versatility and compatibility to work with your existing shop vac, let’s just say, we’re not so keen on the Sand & Kleen.  Hopefully it is something that other people can use successfully, as we think the idea is a great one.  As for us, we’ve had to revert back to the old, dusty way of sanding.  At least wet sanding helps somewhat.

Anyone else having a case of DIYer disappointment these days?


2 thoughts on “Sand & Kleen: Not So Keen

  1. Heather says:

    How about — we had to turn our tub around so the faucet was on the other end because the plumber didn’t have room to move the pipes the way we wanted in our bathroom remodel. Ultimately, though, it is really going to work out better…which is the way God always works when we get ourselves in a mess.

    Here’s to being DIYers!!

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